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Meirui Jiang

​Ph.D. Student
Department of ​Computer Science and Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Office: Room 1024, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building
Email: mrjiang [at]

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Short Bio

​I am currently a third year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and EngineeringThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Qi Dou. Previously, I received the B. Eng. degree from Shandong University in 2020, under the supervison from Prof. Yuanfeng Zhou.

My research interest lies in computer vision and machine learning with applications for medical image analysis. I aim to promote the applicability (regarding explainability, privacy and generalizability) of AI research for healthcare. Recently I focus on federated learning.



IOP-FL: Inside-Outside Personalization for Federated Medical Image Segmentation.
Meirui Jiang, Hongzheng Yang, Chen Cheng, Qi Dou.
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI), 2023.
(Special Issue on Federated Learning for Medical Imaging)
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Federated Learning Enables Big Data for Rare Cancer Boundary Detection.
Sarthak Pati, Ujjwal Baid, ..., Meirui Jiang, Tiffany Y So, Cheng Chen, Pheng Ann Heng, Qi Dou, (CUHK Team) ...

Nature Communications, 2022.
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Federated Domain Generalization for Image Recognition via Cross-Client Style Transfer.
Junming Chen*, Meirui Jiang*, Qi Dou, Qifeng Chen.
IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision 2023, (WACV), 2023. [paper] [code]GitHub stars [project]


​​Dynamic Bank Learning for Semi-supervised Federated Image Diagnosis with Class Imbalance.
Meirui Jiang, Hongzheng Yang, Xiaoxiao Li, Quande Liu, Pheng-Ann Heng, Qi Dou.
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions 2022, (MICCAI), 2022. (Eearly accept)
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​​HarmoFL: Harmonizing Local and Global Drifts in Federated Learning on Heterogeneous Medical Images.
Meirui Jiang*, Zirui Wang*, Qi Dou.
AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 2022.
(Graduate Student Scholarship)
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​​​​FedBN: Federated Learning on Non-IID Features via Local Batch Normalization.
Xiaoxiao Li, Meirui Jiang, Xiaofei Zhang, Michael Kamp, Qi Dou.
​International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2021.
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​​Federated Deep Learning for Detecting COVID-19 Lung Abnormalities in CT: A Privacy-preserving Multinational Validation Study.​​
Qi Dou, Tiffany Y So, Meirui Jiang, Quande Liu, Varut Vardhanabhuti, Georgios Kaissis, Zeju Li, Weixin Si, Heather Lee, Kevin Yu, Zuxin Feng, Li Dong, Egon Burian, Friederike Jungmann, Rickmer Braren, Marcus Makowski, Bernhard Kainz, Daniel Rueckert, Ben Glocker, Simon Yu, Pheng Ann Heng.
npj Digital Medicine, Nature Publishing Group, 2021.
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UniFed: A Unified Framework for Federated Learning on Non-IID Image Features.
Meirui Jiang, Xiaoxiao Li, Xiaofei Zhang, Michael Kamp, Qi Dou.
​arXiv preprint.

  • MICCAI Outstanding Reviewer Award (Honorable Mentions), 2022
  • Champion in MICCAI Federated Tumor Segmentation Challenge Task 2, 2022.
  • Third Place in MICCAI Federated Tumor Segmentation Challenge Task 1, 2022.
  • IEEE TMI Distinguished Reviewer, Bronze Level, 2022
  • Champion in MICCAI Federated Tumor Segmentation Challenge Task 2, 2021.
  • Third Place in MICCAI Federated Tumor Segmentation Challenge Task 1, 2021.
  • Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS), 2020.
  • Outstading Graduate of Shandong Province, 2020.
  • MICCAI Undergraduate Student Travel Award, 2019.
  • Champion in MICCAI Endoscopic Vision Challenge on Surgical Robotics Phase Recognition Task, 2019.
  • Second Place in MICCAI Endoscopic Vision Challenge on Surgical Instrument Recognition Task, 2019.
  • National Scholarship, from the ministry of Education of China, 2019,2018,2017.
  • President Scholarship, highest honor from Shandong Univ. (25 awardees per year), 2019.
  • BaoSteel Excellent Students Award (4 awardees in Shandong Univ. and 500 in China per year), 2019.

Professional Activities
  • Conference Service:

Organization Committee, Domain Adaptation and Representation Transfer (DART), MICCAI 2023 Workshop.
Regular reviewers for MICCAI, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, WACV.
Program Committee, Medical Imaging Meets NeurIPS (Med-NeurIPS), NeurIPS 2021 & 2022 Workshop.
Program Committee, Interpretable Machine Learning in Healthcare (IMLH), ICML 2021 & 2022 Workshop.
Program Committee, Distributed And Collaborative Learning (DCL), MICCAI 2021 & 2022 Workshop.
Volunteer, Medical Imaging Meets NeurIPS (Med-NeurIPS), NeurIPS 2021 & 2022 Workshop.

  • Journal Reviews:

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI).
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI).
Medical Physics.
Human-Centric Intelligent Systems.

Press Coverage
Teaching Experience
  • 2020-2021  Fall    Problem Solving by Programming (ENGG 1110).
  • 2020-2021  Spring  Introduction to Java (CSCI 1030).
  • 2021-2022  Fall    ​Problem Solving by Programming (ENGG 1110).
  • 2021-2022  Spring  Introduction to Java (CSCI 1030).
  • 2022-2023  Fall    Problem Solving by Programming (ENGG 1110).